Aleron History

In 1957, a company called Superior Group emerged as a premier provider of design and drafting services in Buffalo, New York. As the company continued to grow, it required more talent—more people were needed to extend the company’s reach across New York State and throughout the country. Soon, Superior Group had developed a mastery of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees. Before too long, a full-fledged talent and staffing solutions company was born.

As years passed, Superior Group refined its specialties and began to hone in on specific challenges to workforce productivity. More than just solving staffing solutions, business leaders needed help managing the intricacies of a contingent workforce, information technology, and human resources.

In 2018, Superior Group reconfigured its collective efforts to serve the global workforce community and became Aleron, a business solutions company that would thrive on building relationships, connecting people, and empowering the workplace.

From that point forward, the newly branded Aleron would function as the cornerstone organization in the Aleron Group of companies, each of which would serve a niche market within the overarching talent and workforce solutions umbrella.

The Aleron Group includes:

Acara Solutions
Acara is a premier provider of recruiting and workforce solutions—we help companies compete for talent in North America. At Acara, we see fit.

Acara Solutions India
Acara Solutions India is a leading provider of recruiting and workforce solutions across India and around the world. At Acara India, we bring top talent to you.

Broadleaf Results
Broadleaf delivers total talent management services to a wide range of industries around the globe. At Broadleaf, we deliver your most valuable asset: talent. 

Lume Strategies
Lume Strategies is an IT solutions company that specializes in a holistic approach to technology services. At Lume, we’re your partners in holistic IT solutions.

TalentRise is a recruiting services firm that sources, screens, and onboards new employees for some of the world’s fastest-growing industries. At TalentRise, we elevate your business performance through talent.

Viaduct is a talent acquisition company that connects emerging businesses with their most important asset: people. At Viaduct, we find talent for startups.

Together, the Aleron Group simplifies solutions for the complex world of workforce management.