The Aleron family of companies—formerly operating under the “Superior Group” brand—have grown significantly over the past six decades. Not only has our service portfolio expanded to meet our customers’ evolving needs, but we have also established operations across six continents. Check out the progression below.

Aleron Through the Years


Superior Design Company is founded by entrepreneur Richard Stenclik in 1957 to deliver design
and drafting services in western New York.


Several new companies enter the fold, officially giving rise to Superior Group. These
organizations meet a growing demand for contingent labor. Focused on connecting people and business in ways that change lives, Superior now offers contract labor to fill technical and administrative/clerical roles.


Offering payrolling/employer of record (EOR) services for the first time, Superior companies empower customers who have known talent that they’d like to align on a contingent basis. Operations also expand into new U.S. markets, predominantly in the northeast.


Superior’s leadership suite engages several high-caliber resources who will champion growth well into the future. Scott Stenclik—a certified public accountant—leaves Ernst & Young to join Superior, where he builds out operations in the western United States; today, he serves as CEO of Acara Solutions and Lume Strategies. Lynne Marie Finn—an attorney specializing in labor law—departs the Erie County of New York’s District Attorney’s Office to serve as Superior’s general counsel; today, she is President and CEO of Broadleaf Results.


In 1992, a new offering expands Superior’s service portfolio: it is the managed service program (MSP). For the first time, customers can align Superior to manage the full contingent labor lifecycle, including the outsourcing of staffing supplier management. In 1998, the value driven by a Superior MSP is enhanced by LAMS, our proprietary vendor management system (VMS) today known as Work Nexus. Superior also forges a strategic partnership with SDI International, an organization specializing in global procurement process outsourcing.


Superior recognizes that customer needs and operations are expanding rapidly in a globalizing marketplace, and—in 2001—establishes its first international office in the United Kingdom. The international footprint continues to expand throughout the decade, with offices launching in Canada, China, Argentina, and Slovakia. In order to both support U.S. recruitment efforts and deliver services within India, Superior acquires Summit HR India in 2007. Finally, Superior expands its service portfolio to include independent contractor compliance and screening services.


The Superior Group undertakes a comprehensive brand exploration and ultimately aligns its organizations under today’s Aleron structure. The family of companies is now positioned to most effectively deliver their complementary services to a client base nearing 1,000 organizations. Aleron companies include not only longstanding organizations including Acara Solutions and Broadleaf Results, but also Lume Strategies (launched to deliver IT solutions), Viaduct (founded to deliver impactful support for startup and emerging businesses), and TalentRise (acquired to enhance recruitment process outsourcing and executive search capacity). Also during the decade, operations launch in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, and Poland.

2020s & Beyond

Our global footprint continues its expansion, with offices opening in France and Spain. Also, as market disrupters, Aleron companies are poised to support customer requirements in a market shifting toward total talent management and technological convergence. Our service portfolio has become both nuanced and complex, capable of delivering significant value while powered by both Aleron’s forward-looking innovation and its storied heritage.

At Aleron, we are committed to embracing and demonstrating our organization’s values in all that we do. These values reflect our workplace, projects, and teams while supporting our long-term vision.

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