Photo of Cam Moeser

Cam Moeser

Vice President, Business and Recruitment Support

Cam Moeser serves as the Vice President, Business and Recruitment Support for Acara Solutions. With more than 30 years of experience at Acara, Cam shepherds the management of the proposal process with an overarching goal of generating new business for our organization. A steady presence within the company, he also works to enhance the development of innovative, comprehensive recruiting strategies that will provide a competitive advantage over our competitors’ sales and marketing approaches, recruitment tools, branding, planning, and retention. Cam’s proven track record within the industry is propelled by his constant desire to discover unseen solutions and drive our best-in-class approach. 

Prior to joining the Acara team at its Buffalo headquarters, Cam grew up in Colorado and attended Whittier College in Southern California. There, he earned a bachelor’s degree in English and played lacrosse and soccer. 

We believe a company culture that inspires success, celebrates accomplishments, and fosters creativity is essential to the health of our own organization and the many organizations we serve.

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