Headshot of Deb Pagtolingan

Debra Pagtolingan

Vice President, National Sales Prospecting Team

Debra Pagtolingan is the Vice President, National Sales Prospecting Team for Acara Solutions. In her work, Debra manages overall business development strategies and oversees multiple branch offices across Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. She focuses on the achievement of revenue and profitability goals through the application of consistent and effective sales plans and strategies. A strong motivational leader and well-respected resource for her team, Debra leans on her versatile experience and broad skillset to deliver effective results.  

Debra first began her tenure as a sales representative at Acara. More than two decades years later, she remains an integral part of our organization’s success. Prior to the start of her professional career, Debra attended both Chapman University and Texas Christian University. She is also recognized as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR). 

We believe a company culture that inspires success, celebrates accomplishments, and fosters creativity is essential to the health of our own organization and the many organizations we serve.

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