SpinUp, enabling ideas®, TalentRise and Viaduct join forces to power innovation and growth.

We are thrilled to announce a wide-ranging collaboration among SpinUp, the University of Toronto’s newest and first wet lab-based incubator, enabling ideas®, and Aleron Group companies TalentRise and Viaduct.

This strategic alliance brings together the innovative spirit of SpinUp, the business design and scaling expertise of enabling ideas® and the unparalleled leadership development and talent solution knowledge and resources of TalentRise and Viaduct.

“This collaboration will offer entrepreneurship programs, custom workshops, and expert business consultations that enable early-stage life science companies at SpinUp to plan for their growth,” says Raquel De Souza, SpinUp’s Director.

SpinUp provides the necessary infrastructure, programming, and affordable wet lab space to early-stage companies within a strong life sciences ecosystem offered by the City of Mississauga and the University of Toronto. This commitment aims to cultivate an environment where innovations thrive, setting the stage for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

“Our shared mission is to advance ideas and foster innovation,” says enabling ideas® Chairman Blair Severn. “We at enabling ideas®, along with our strategic partners TalentRise and Viaduct, are committed to empowering SpinUp’s member entrepreneurs, ensuring the successful growth of their ventures.”

Peter Petrella, Practice Leader for TalentRise adds, “TalentRise and Viaduct are thrilled to collaborate with SpinUp and enabling ideas® to empower life science entrepreneurs and ensure they have the talent they need to help them make an impact on the industry.”


Purpose-built to drive life science innovation, SpinUp is the first wet lab incubator at the University of Toronto, Canada’s leading centre for learning and discovery and one of the world’s top-two universities for health science productivity. SpinUp offers early-stage life science start-ups access to outstanding wet lab space, equipment, and expertise at U of T Mississauga. SpinUp is part of U of T entrepreneurship, a network of 12+ innovation accelerators that has supported more than 650 capital-backed companies, which have created 9,000 jobs and raised $2.5 billion in external investment over the past ten years.  

enabling Ideas® a business design and performance consultancy situated at the center of our acceleration ecosystem known as the ‘Community of experts’. We specialize in equipping and empowering early-stage ventures to scale, achieve self-sustaining operating income, and strategically position to be highly appealing to investors.

TalentRise is an executive search and talent management consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois that provides flexible, customized leadership and organizational solutions to mid to large market employers. TalentRise is a member of Aleron Group, a workforce and business solutions company.

Viaduct is a one-stop talent solution that gives your most important resource—people—the attention they deserve. For startups and emerging businesses, building a qualified team that aligns with your organizations mission and culture is essential for growth and success. Viaduct is a member of Aleron Group, a workforce and business solutions company.

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